We are used to going on automatic pilot without paying attention to the really important things, until a day comes when a small detail (a fragment of a book, a podcast, a meditation,...) wakes up your mind and soul. From there, new habits emerge that help you become aware of what is the reality, authenticity and truthfulness of life. Changes that appear to stay and that lead to a new philosophy of life.

" The Wake Up Kokoro boxes
will be that first step to discover a new world. A world with presence, essence and consciousness. "


What will the Wake Up Kokoro boxes bring me?

The combination of the different elements will help you relax, be in the present moment and see life in a more positive and constructive way.

In each collection there are small variations to help you achieve the goal of the box.

You will gain in wisdom and personal growth thanks to the books. The candles, incense and teas will transport you to the present moment and help you savor each moment consciously. Essential oils, in addition to scenting your space, will provide you with different benefits depending on the box.

Wake Up ( “wake up” in English) Kokoro ( “heart, mind and soul” in Japanese) was born from the desire of some friends to share the sensations that they themselves experienced after experiencing a transformative change in their lives.

Our mission is to provide you, through the different WU-KOKORO collections, the elements that helped us in this awakening of consciousness and to get out of our comfort zones.
These are boxes
"your gift box" made by hand with a lot of love, using exclusively natural and high quality products, personalizing each one of them so that they have their essence. Three collections designed with awareness giving you a different intention ( Ikigai, Wabi-Sabi and Henko ), but all of them created to provide you with well-being and happiness. 

“Who dominates others is strong; Who controls him or herself is powerful"

Lao Tse


We use high quality organic, recycled and ecological products, making sure that they do not harm the environment or the health of people or living beings. We live off  consciously creating the greatest connection with mother earth.
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