"Some of the items mentioned in the ritual may not be found in the Mini box, to get all the elements, you will need to purchase the Deluxe Box"

A moment to love you and take care of yourself 


So that you can get the most out of your box and spend a few moments solely and exclusively for yourself, we suggest you to follow the following steps:


  • Hold a stick of incense between your hands and visualize 3 positive things that you like about yourself. Next, burn it and let its aroma impregnated with the information you have given it envelop you.


  • Hold the candle in your hands and visualize, either in the form of thought or by verbalizing aloud, the things about which you want the energy of the candle to help you improve, cleanse and transform.


  • Once you have created this atmosphere of peace and well-being, prepare a hot water bath with the bath salts bomb. Enjoy and delight yourself in the bathtub listening to the playlist that Wake Up Kokoro has prepared for you.


  • After bathing, apply a few drops of the essential oil (previously diluted in water) on the palms of your hands or on the wrists, and deeply breathe in its scent so that it creates that connection and freshness in so it will help you find what you are looking for.


  • Find a comfortable space to sit down and from that place of calm and relaxation, ask yourself:


What do I like the most about myself?

What are my 10 qualities?

What non-material things make me happy?

What are those situations that I remember and make me smile?

What beautiful things would you say to yourself from your heart?


  • Start a 5-10 minute meditation by closing your eyes, feeling your breath, the environment you've created, and focus on all the good things about yourself.


  • Let's finish digesting this moment by offering yourself a cup of the tea that KOKORO has prepared for you.


Repeat this ritual from time to time to give yourself the care and love you deserve.