"Some of the items mentioned in the ritual may not be found in the Mini box, to get all the elements, you will need to purchase the Deluxe Box"


Find Your Purpose


So that you can get the most out of your box and find your Ikigai, we suggest that you follow the following steps:


  • Sit comfortably while holding a stick of incense in your hands and visualize those things to which you would like to dedicate your life. Next, burn it and let its aroma impregnated with the information you have given it envelop you.


  • Apply a few drops of essential oil (previously diluted in water) on your palms and inhale its scent deeply to create that connection and freshness in you and help you find what you are looking for.


  • From this place of calm and connection, ask yourself:


  • What makes me enjoy the most?

  • What could I do for hours without receiving any rewards?

  • What actions are the ones that make me feel good?

  • What things do I do now with the same enjoyment as when I was little?

  • How would I like to see myself a year from now?


  • Start a 5-10 minute meditation by closing your eyes, feeling your breath, the environment you've created, and the purpose for which you've created it. Focus on the questions and let your own essence inspire you.


  • Little by little, open your eyes and write down the answers that have arisen as an intention to reach your life purpose.


Repeat this ritual whenever you need it so that little by little you can shape your ideas and desires, finally, get to clarify your mind and find your Ikigai.