These three concepts give life to Wake up Kokoro, giving meaning to every detail that forms it, as well as a purpose and essence placed on a gift box.


Based on our own ways of life and the union of Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu teachings, everything we do awaits meaning.


In Japanese culture, order, cleanliness and respect are very important, since all this positively affects the subconscious. It creates an internal harmony by balancing the nervous system among others, which brings each one of us and everything around us to a state of balance.

From Wake up Kokoro, we bet on the importance of small details and we focus on giving meaning to everything we do. That is why we pack our boxes based on the Japanese Furoshiki art, wrapping them with a fabric, in a beautiful, simple and careful way, representing a gesture of honesty towards others. Even a simple piece of fabric helps us lead a more sustainable and respectful life with people and nature.

"What we do, how we do and what we do it for, matters"

Union of mind, spirit, and soul  heart

Find the reason to live, a reason to get up every day and enjoy life giving it meaning



Finding beauty, harmony and well-being in imperfection


Transformative change in which there is no possibility of return to the initial state


It symbolizes enlightenment, strength, the universe, emptiness and elegance, as well as the fullness of simplicity