Countdown to Christmas Eve with 24 surprises hidden in our Happiness Advent Calendar.

Take advantage of the last days of the year to live them in a positive and joyful way, leaving behind what you don't need to make way for the new year that is yet to come.



  • Daily motivational phrases to reflect and brighten your days

  • 5 surprise products to create a ritual with all of them on December 24

  • Positive energy and lots of love in each of the packages

Open your package every day paying attention to the message it contains and keep it in mind in your day to day to have a full life. When you find any of the products, be patient, put them away and use them on December 24th. The how and why we will reveal to you on the calendar!

When the countdown is over, reuse the calendar! You can use the packages to store whatever you want or to give small details this Christmas.

Give the Happiness Advent Calendar as a gift to cheer up the people you love and discover how it helps spread happiness to all those who need it.


The perfect gift for friends, family, or yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!