Wake Up Kokoro Team:

“I have been a practitioner of martial arts, yoga, meditation and Asian philosophy for about twenty years. I have lived in China, Thailand and India to be able to learn these disciplines from the hand of great masters, Shaolin monks and gurus, seeking authenticity and truthfulness above all else. I am a dreamer who believes that he can go wherever the mind travels, 100% faithful to health, nature and healthy lifestyles.

If I had to choose two words they would be "change and transformation", words that define the Henko collection. I love seeing the evolution of people in all aspects of their lives and after to practice a lot of meditation and reading I discovered my life purpose. My passion to help is my profession and my Ikigai is to share my knowledge in order to awaken a change in others, just as I experienced it.

For this reason, the Wake Up Kokoro boxes will also help you rekindle your true passions and discover your purpose in life.

“I felt a great personal change that began with the reading of one of the best known spiritual books. I had never shown interest in this type of book before, but I let myself be guided by what I felt the moment I saw it in the bookstore. That is why I am a faithful believer of "everything happens for a reason" and of the sentece "the teacher appears when the student is ready". The book made me reflect, begin to see things differently and little by little, without forcing myself, I began to feel changes and introduce new habits in my day to day life.
For me this was my Henko, a change with no possibility of return in which well-being and a positive approach to life stand out.

Yoga also appeared in my life and made me discover and listen to myself. That is why I believe in the importance of accepting ourselves, loving ourselves and dedicating ourselves the time we deserve, as we represent in the Wabi Sabi collection.

Noticing the feeling of well-being and personal growth that I was achieving, I thought; "I hope everyone can get out of their comfort zone and feel the inner change I'm experiencing." That is why through Wake Up Kokoro I hope to transmit peace, calm, self-care and well-being to you so that you also feel better and be able to achieve everything you set out to do.